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Skin Cancer Treatments

Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer

Inflammatory Disorders / Eczema

The Dermatology Institute

Open House: Thursday May 10th, 2012

Unable to attend our Patient Open House?  Here are some things you missed!

Inflammatory DIsorders

Malignant Melanoma:
The Warning Signs

Laura Collins, APN DCNP
The Dermatology Institute

Open House: Thursday May 10th, 2012

Unable to attend our Patient Open House?  Here are some things you missed!

Malignant Melanoma:  The Warning Signs

Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Meghan A Nolan, MMS, PA-C The Dermatology Institute

Open House: Thursday May 10th, 2012

Unable to attend our Patient Open House?  Here are some things you missed!

Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma


Impacting the lives of our patients

It’s been said, beauty is only skin deep. However, as dermatologists, we believe it is much more. On a daily basis we see the impact our care has on the lives of our patients. They hold their head a little higher, flash a smile that shines a little brighter or walk with a skip in their step that is a little bit faster. The fact is, the rewards of our care extend well beyond the skin and that is a beautiful thing to see.

Exceptional Expertise

No matter what our age or skin type, we all want skin that is beautiful and healthy. Skin that not only looks great, but feels great. The Dermatology Institute of DuPage Medical Group in Naperville, we understand the importance of healthy skin. Whether addressing a specific dermatologic issue or projecting a more youthful appearance, our team strives to help you achieve the results you desire. Our department is comprised of energetic dermatologists practicing at the forefront of dermatology.

They have been trained at some of the leading medical institutions and have developed exceptional expertise in the field of dermatology. As highly experienced physicians, they utilize some of the latest technologies and advanced treatments available today. In fact, this high level of care is comparable to teaching hospitals and universities with the added benefit of being conveniently close to home.

The First Step

Our team begins by precisely assessing your condition. In addition, they take the time to thoroughly discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have. With this knowledge, they then recommend a treatment plan that is the best fit for your situation. Some of the conditions they treat include:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Mole Removal
  • Rosacea
  • Skin Infections
  • Aging Skin
  • Hair Loss
  • Psoriasis
  • Skin Cancer
  • Warts

Separating Fact From Fiction

In addition to your treatment, our dermatologists may also recommend the best products for at home care. Whether over-the-counter or a prescription, our dermatologists are up-to-date on the latest advances in skin care products. They sort out those that have lasting benefits from those that are just gimmicks.

Advanced Treatments For Skin Cancers

Excessive exposure to sun along with characteristics such as fair complexion can make one susceptible to skin cancer. Skin cancer is the number one cancer in humans. Some skin cancers can be quite aggressive and challenging to treat. The Dermatology Institute of DuPage Medical Group in Naperville, you'll find physicians with exceptional expertise in treating skin cancer. Because early detection is critical, our dermatologists proactively examine their patients to identity suspicious skin conditions. Typically they will examine the areas that are exposed to the sun including the face, hands, arms and neck. When a skin cancer has been detected, our dermatologists offer the most advanced treatment options. Depending on the type of cancer, treatments may include chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Our dermatologists will develop a customized treatment plan for each patient. They will also provide support every step of the way. They educate their patients on their skin condition along with the treatments available and offer guidance to help keep their skin healthy in the years ahead.

Mohs Surgery

When appropriate, Mohs Surgery allows for the immediate and complete microscopic examination and elimination of certain skin cancers. Our dermatologists are at the forefront of this procedure which yields the highest reported cure rate for many facial skin cancers. clinical research Our dermatology department works closely with our clinical research department, to offer extensive clinical trials for a variety of dermatologic conditions. These trials provide patients with access to treatments and medications, often bringing welcome relief from their dermatologic issues. For more details, see our Skin Cancer Treatments

Dupage Medical Group

As part of DuPage Medical Group, we are in the selective company of more than 250 physicians from practically every facet of healthcare. Should the need arise, you’ll have access to the area’s leading medical specialists as well as the area’s finest healthcare facilities and top hospitals.

We Care For You

Whether addressing a specific issue or striving to look your best, The Dermatology Institute of DuPage Medical Group in Naperville is comprised of highly experienced dermatologists with unparalleled expertise. With a warm and caring approach, they provide patients with advanced care for all their skin care needs. To schedule an appointment or to learn more