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It’s only natural to want to look your best. After all, beauty is something that is sought and admired by all, with benefits that go well beyond the skin’s surface. The Dermatology Institute of DuPage Medical Group in Naperville, we understand beauty in all of its forms. As part of our dermatology practice, our aesthetic services team is comprised of highly skilled and caring professionals offering advanced skin care treatments and products. With unparalleled expertise, we bring out the best in you, resulting in a healthy and beautiful appearance.

Looking years younger does not have to require drastic surgery or risky products. Fortunately, we live in a time where we understand the cellular, hormonal and chemical changes that come with age. With this knowledge, we have gained an understanding of what truly works when it comes to looking years younger.

From clinical facial rejuvenation, to Botox™, to the latest advanced dermal filler treatments, you can achieve skin that’s firmer, smoother and healthier. Unlike other surgical procedures, our treatments are safe and noninvasive with minimal down time. Our knowledge of what works also applies to aesthetic products. From print ads to infomercials, we are bombarded with products claiming to have a shortcut to the fountain of youth. Making sense of it all can be overwhelming.

The Dermatology Institute of DuPage Medical Group in Naperville, our aesthetic team can help you separate the contenders from the pretenders. At the forefront of our profession, we have an intimate understanding of the latest and most advanced products. With this knowledge, we can recommend the aesthetic products that will work best for you.

Our Team Approach

Our aesthetic services are performed within our Naperville Dermatology office. Together, our clinical aesthetician works alongside our dermatologists and skin care providers, caring for the skin care needs of our patients. This coordinated approach results in care that is not only exceptional, but convenient as well. Our clinical aesthetician can gain immediate access to one of our dermatologists, should the need arise for a consultation related to a skin issue. In addition, our dermatologists can recommend aesthetic services as a part of a maintenance program in between regular dermatology appointments. For our patients, this coordinated approach makes details such as billing and scheduling much easier. Even better, this coordinated approach yields comprehensive care that is customized to your individual needs.

Clinically Proven To Work

While there is no fountain of youth, cosmetic dermatology provides us with clinically proven methods for looking years younger. In a safe environment, our dermatologists can provide patients with age-defying treatments to generate the results they desire with surgical and non-surgical techniques. Some of the treatment options we have extensive experience performing include:

  • Botox
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Facials
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Scar Treatments
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Chemical Peels
  • Facial Vein Treatments
  • Laser Treatments
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Spider & Varicose Vein

In addition to our procedures, we also offer patients access to the most advanced aesthetic products on the market today. These are highly effective products, mostly available at respected dermatology practices. Our dermatologists guide you in selecting the aesthetic products that will work best for you.

During your initial consultation, we exchange information regarding your desired outcomes. This informal dialogue allows us to thoroughly understand your needs as well as share with you what we believe are your best treatment options. As always, we take the time to answer any questions you have.

Aesthetic Services Offered:

GloLactic Peel

Offers exfoliating and moisture retention properties and will promote softer, smoother skin as well as improvement in the appearance of fine lines.

GloSalicylic Peel

An antiseptic exfoliant that deeply cleanses pores. Excellent treatment for acne and aids in overall skin rejuvenation.

GloVitalize Peel

A synergy of effective acids to help reduce the appearance of melasma, freckles, acne and mild cases of rosacea.

GloGlycolic Peel

A chemical exfoliant to promote the repair and regeneration of skin. Recommended to aid in the elimination of actinic keratosis, improves the appearance of aging skin and uneven texture and tone.

Clinical Customized Facials

Deep cleansing, hydrating, nourishing — provides therapies focused on sensitive skin, rosacea, free radical damage, vitamin C renewal, moderate acne, melasma/pigmentation, elasticity, skin dullness, exfoliation, and firming and toning skin texture. Includes face, neck and décolleté massage — ending with a customized treatment masque.

Clarifying Acne Treatment Program

  • Acne/Milia extraction treatment
  • Intralesional acne therapy
  • Professional peel systems and masque treatments
  • SilkPeel treatments in combination with deep pore cleansing therapy

Clarifying back treatment

This clarifying back treatment includes a deep pore cleansing to detoxify the skin, toning, exfoliation, extractions and a specialized treatment masque. This treatment will leave your back feeling healthful and ready to be fully uncovered.

Chemical/facial & body peels

Customized for each patient — Indicated for severe photo aging, highly sensitive skin types and darker skin types. Beneficial for the corrective treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin texture and mild acne scars. Recommended series of 4-6 treatments — every 3-4 weeks. Maintenance 4-6 times yearly.

Advanced refining therapy

Enhanced combination of Silkpeel and chemical peel to increase cell renewal and stimulate new cell growth. Pure skin renewal therapy for pre-post surgery care/prescriptive series/and facial skin rejuvenation; includes a rebuilding specialized treatment masque. You will simply enjoy the refreshing results!

PDT - Photodynamic therapy

Above and beyond effective results to correct sun damage and resistant acne. FDA approved treatment for pre-cancerous actinic keratoses. By combining the use of Levulan with IPL and/or red light therapy thereby, targeting only the abnormal cells allows accelerated, quick success in restoring your skin to a healthy normal condition.

Silkpeel - dermalinfusion/microdermabrasion

Addresses the most common skin conditions with topical solutions; hydrating, skin lightening and acne treatments. Will provide you with an immediate glow, skin is left feeling polished, healthy and renewed. Recommended initial series of 4-6 every 4 weeks. Yearly maintenance 4-6 times.

PPx deep pore cleaning therapy

Series of 2 treatments same day — quick and effective — SilkPeel plus aesthera laser — photopneumatic acne treatment — excellent for mild to moderate acne, pustular, comedonal, inflammatory acne (acne vulgaris); helps to smooth the texture of the skin, reduce brown spots, reduce red veins and improve discoloration. Exclusively FDA approved acne treatments redefined.

Dynamic resurfacing

Series of 5 treatments — alternating laser micro peel and aesthera laser systems every 4 weeks; ending with a SilkPeel — includes DNA repair and antioxidant refoliator products — superior rejuvenation, fine lines/pigmentation, youthful tone/texture, intense recovery from photo damage and broken blood vessels. Performs mild skin resurfacing, polishing and refreshening skin; overall youthful enhancement with vibrant results.

We Care For You

Discover the best that modern medicine has to offer at The Dermatology Institute of DuPage Medical Group in Naperville. Let us show you how easy it is to bring your true beauty to the surface. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 630 547 5040.